Careers advice

Thinking about a career in science or technology , but still have questions ? What ever your question ,big or small IYSF will do our best to answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can. At IYSF we understand that choosing a course can be quite daunting, as is the application process. Listed below are just some of the courses/areas of you may be interested in :

Agricultural Science
Analytical Science 
Analytical Chemistry
Applied Physics 
Biomedical Science 
Chemical and pharmaceutical 
Criminology and forensics
Environmental Science 
Forensic Science 
Genetics and cell Biology 
Physical Education
Science Communication 
Science Education
Sport Science and Health

Remember when researching your course to find out what modules form the basis of the programme. Many courses involve a little bit of each discipline including Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry despite the course for example being based in one of these disciplines. You should also consider how many hours per week your programme involves . The sciences are usually quite work intensive and you can expect your programme to involve anything from twenty to thirty-five hours per week.

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